• Application of Flanges in Mechanical Design

Application of Flanges in Mechanical Design

Flanges are disc-shaped parts and are usually used in pairs. As a common application in pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for pipeline connection.
Two pipelines to be connected are installed with two flanges respectively. Both flanges are tightly fastened with bolts and sealing joints. Threaded flanges are used in low-pressure pipelines, while welded flanges are used in such pipelines, of which the pressure is more than 4 Kg of pressure. Flanges connected with different pressure of pipelines differ in thickness and types of bolts.
The positions, to be connected with pipelines, of water pumps and valves are fashioned into flange shape and such connection is also called flanged connection. The connecting parts, with bolts connected around two flange planes in a sealed way, are usually called flanges, such as the connecting parts between ventilating ducts, and such parts can also be called flange type parts. Because this connection is applied in certain part of equipment, water pumps connected with flanges cannot be called flange type parts while small parts like valves can be called flange type parts.

Application of Flanges in Mechanical Design - Landee Flange


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