• BORU Fair 2015, Istanbul Expo Center, March 26-28

BORU Fair 2015, Istanbul Expo Center, March 26-28

Exhibition: BORU Fair 2015
Date: March 26-28, 2015. 
Fair Cycle: Every 2 years. 
Address: Istanbul Expo Center. 
Venue: Istanbul Dünya Ticaret Merkezi, 34149 Yesilköy, Istanbul, Turkey. 
Organizer: Ihlas Fuarcilik A.S. 

BORU Fair, an International Istanbul Tube Fair, is firstly held in 2005. Since then, it is held once every other year. By now, it has been the most famous and professional exhibition of pipeline and pipe fittings. As a show with great influence in Eurasian region, BORU Fair 2015 will attract many superb international supplier as well as purchasers from the Eurasian region. 
Turkey has a superior geographic location. Located between Asia and Europe, it is the only path to connect those two continents. Pipelines that transfer oil from Russia and Asian oil producing countries have to go through Turkey. Therefore, the pipeline industry in Turkey is prosperous. What is more, Turkey is also one of the markets that develop quickly in the world. Turkey itself also has a great demand on pipelines and pipe fittings for water system and construction use. 
1. Tubes, Profiles and Accessories 
1.1. Ferrous and alloy tubes, profiles
1.2. Steel tubes, profiles
1.3. Stainless steel tubes, profiles
1.4. Non-ferrous metal and alloy tubes, profiles
1.5. Aluminium tubes, profiles
1.6. Brass tubes, profiles
1.7. Copper tubes, profiles
1.8. Nickel tubes, profiles
1.9. Titanium tubes, profiles
1.10. Weldedsteeltubes
1.11. Seamlesssteeltubes
1.12. Precisiontubes
1.13. Coatedtubes
1.14. Conduits
1.15. Constructionaltubes,profiles
1.16. Linepipes
1.17. Flanges
1.18. Connectingpieces
1.19. Fittings
1.20. Other
2. Tube manufacturing machinery
2.1. Casting
2.2. Rolling, drawing, extruding
2.3. Welding, soldering
2.4. Heat treatment
2.5. Tube processing equipment
2.5.1. Forming, bending, straightening
2.5.2. Cutting, sawing, drilling
2.5.3. Galvanizing, coating
2.5.4. Grinding, polishing
2.5.5. Expanding, deburring
2.5.6. Other equipments
2.6. Duct winding machines
2.7. Other
3. Profile manufacturing machinery
3.1. Profile machinery
3.2. Bending machines
3.3. Roll forming machines
3.4. Working machines
3.5. Cutting machines
3.6. End forming machines
4. Process technology tools and auxiliaries
4.1. Dies
4.2. Rolls
4.3. Electrodes, solders
4.4. Saw blades
4.5. Lubricants
4.6. Auxiliary chemicals
4.7. Other
5. Specialist areas
5.1. Testing
5.2. Measuring
5.3. Control technology
5.4. Plant engineering and construction
5.5. Logistics
5.6. Recycling
5.7. Restoration
5.8. Sawblade grinding machines
5.9. Software
5.10. Consultingandservices
5.11. Associationsandpublications
5.12. Other


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