• China Disposes Vast Nuclear Waste Annually

China Disposes Vast Nuclear Waste Annually

On 25th June, 2014, Zhang Guobao disclosed that there already have nuclear waste produced by the nuclear power plant. Most of the waste is transported to the fuel reprocessing base near Jiuquan in Northwest of China.
Zhang Guobao is the director of advisory committee of National Energy Commission and ex-chairman of National Energy Administration. When talking about the nuclear waste disposal, Zhang revealed that, “Before conveying the waste to the bases near Jiuquan, we have to store it in the pools of plants firstly. It won’t be transported until a certain amount is achieved. And then it will be reserved in the big pool of base for 6 months. The waste will be disposed after all these.”
In November 2010, China National Nuclear Corporation signed an agreement with Areva of France. A disposed plant was decided to build in Jinta by Areva, just on the north of Jiayuguan, Gansu. The waste disposed there annually reaches 800 tons.
Zhang estimated that the pools in the base must still have space for there were several finished pools when he was in office.
Zhao Zhixiang, the director of Science Committee of China Atomic Energy Institute once explained that a million kilowatt nuclear plant would discharge almost 30 tons of waste yearly.
Of the several earliest nuclear plants, Qinshan Nuclear Plant has been put into business operation for 23 years while the Daya Nuclear Plant in Guangdong and Tianwan Nuclear Plant have been placed in service for 20 and 10 years respectively. According to the National Nuclear Power Operation Status published by China Nuclear Energy Association, we have 17 nuclear power units used for business, with a total 14830 thousand kilowatts by the end of 2013. There’s no statistics on waste sums published for now.
China Disposes Vast Nuclear Waste Annually in Fuel Reprocessing Base - Landee Flange


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