• China Will Act New Water Pollution Control Plan

China Will Act New Water Pollution Control Plan

After the implement of Ten Articles on Atmosphere, short for the Plan of Air Pollution Control Act, another significant water pollution control plan will be carried out. The Environmental Protection Agency said that this project will cost over 2 trillion RMB, and the draft had been submitted to the State Council for deliberation.
In June, 2014, Li Ganjie, the Deputy Director of Enviroment Protection Agency said,” China aquatic environment face severe pollution issues for present, many related emergency incidents occurred now and then. There’s always more than ten events take place in China annually. Five accidents happened again in the first five months in 2014.”
The problems of China aquatic environment are often found in three aspects:
First, in terms of the whole surface water, the severely contaminated water account for a relatively high proportion, nearly 10 percent throughout the country. Statistics in some region even greatly excess this ratio, such as the Haihe basin which goes as high as 39.1%.
Second, rivers that flow through towns might be polluted much more than others. The rives in urban-rural interface are influenced by the organics and mostly turn into black stagnant water with stink.
Third, the emergencies of aquatic environment remain in high rate.
It could be hoped that with this policy, the domestic aquatic environment will become good and meet the expectation of the mass.
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