• Classification and Feature of Flange

Classification and Feature of Flange

Classification of flange
1. By materials: carbon steel flange, cast steel flange, alloy steel flange, stainless steel flange, copper flange, aluminum flange, plastic flange, PPC flange and so on.
2. By manufacturing method: push flange, pressed flange, forged flange, casting flange and so on.
3. By standard: national standard flange, American system flange (ANSI/ASME) and European system flange (DIN/UNI).
Features of flange
Flange can withstand great pressure and it is easy to use. In industrial pipeline, flange connection has got wide application. So, if you are in a boiler room or production site, you will see flanged pipes and equipments scattered everywhere. While in families, however, because of small diameter pipe and low pressure, you can not see flange connection.
Flange, often used to connect joints, has a wide application. Usually, its manufacturing processing is cast molding or forging punching. Nonetheless, casting flange doesn’t have uniform and compact inner organization while forged flange will cost a large amount of material and energy consumption. In this case, rolling manufacturing emerged as required, and it can solve all the problems mentioned above. Because the fiber of rolling distributes evenly and metal grain places closely, as well as the low energy consumption, good-quality surface, advanced molding quality, the development of rolling manufacturing is fast.
Classification and Feature of Flange


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