• Connection Method of Large Flanges

Connection Method of Large Flanges

Large flanges refer to products that sizes go beyond national conventional standards on flanges. Sizes of theses flanges often exceed DN2000. They are all welded products without any screw. Carbon steel is the most common used materials for large flanges. In pipeline projects, large flanges can be used to connecting pipelines. 
Large flanges are connection settings between two pipes with large diameters. They are often installed with two flanges and several fastening bolts. Low-carbon steels have good plasticity and low intensity. However, the plasticity decreases and intensity improves once added with moderate carbon elements.

Generally, the large flanges need to suffer from high tensile force, pressure, torsion and shearing strength. Therefore, carbon steels are the best choice for making large flanges. 
Large flanges are suitable for connecting pipes with φ32-315mm diameter sizes. Being a nonrigid connection method, connection with large flanges is removable and tensile resistant. When installing telescopic stub pipes with socket and spigot joints, one should fix the parts with anchor pipe clamps firstly in case that socket pipes move when temperatures changes.

At least one telescopic stub pipe with socket and spigot joints should be installed in the vertical pipes, collection tube nets with long distance and pipes buried undergrounds. This is because the stub pipes can not only eliminate expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes during drainage process, but also helpful to connection between pipes. 
Large flange connection method is also the simplest way to connect cast iron pipes and steel pipes. Under this circumstance, large flanges can be used on the inspection doors. Large flanges are usually used as removable connecting pieces for low-pressure pipelines. 
With certain method and principle, large flange connection method can be used in different industries and fully demonstrated its performance advantages. 


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