• Differences between Slip-on Flange and Welding Neck Flange

Differences between Slip-on Flange and Welding Neck Flange

There are some different points between Slip-on Flange and Welding Neck Flange.

1.Connection mold of centrifugal pump flange: The biggest difference between slip-on flange flange and welding neck flange on structure in that the difference between joint pipe and connection way of flange. Generally, the slip-on flange is that the joint pipe connected with flange angle, while the butt welding neck flange is that the flange connected with joint pipe. Slip-on flange can only be connected with the pipeline, while not directly connected with pieces of welding neck flange; But welding neck flange can be connected with all pieces of welding neck flange directly, of course, as well as pipeline.

2.Welding form of centrifugal pump flange: The weld of slip-on flange is not allowed radiographic inspection while the welding neck flange is in the opposite. The welding seam form of slip-on flange pipe and flange is fillet weld while the form of welding neck flange is girth weld. The flat is two fillet welds, but the butt welding is a butt weld. The difference between the slip-on flange and without neck flange in that the slip-on flange has one more part than the slip-on flange without neck in the pipeline welding position. The slip-on flange without neck is flat flange. The convex without boss is also flat fillet. The weld seam connecting butt welding neck flange with pipe belongs to class B. The weld seam connecting slip-on flange with pipe connected is class C. Nondestructive testing after welding is not the same.

3.Nominal pressure: Slip-on flange nominal pressure is: 0.6---4.0MPa and welding neck flange nominal pressure is: 1--25MPa. Obviously, the level of neck flange of adaptation to the stress is relatively lower.

4. The slip-on flange’s stiffness is larger than the welding neck flanges. The strength of the former is higher and not easy to leak. Slip-on flange and butt welding neck flange can be not replaced casually. As far as the manufacture is concerned, the slip-on flange has larger diameter, which means low weight and cost. In addition, the nominal diameter of welding neck flange greater than 250mm need to be detected.
ange does not need to be detected, so the cost is relatively low. 


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