• Do Maintenance of Stainless Steel Flanges Correctly

Do Maintenance of Stainless Steel Flanges Correctly

Different flanges require different installation methods and maintenance approaches. As to stainless steel flanges, there are several tips for the maintenance work.  
The maintenance work should be done regularly. Of course, the cycle could be shortened when it is necessary. Corresponding measures must be taken immediately once problems were detected. 

1.Stainless steel flanges that have been stored for a long time should be checked regularly. Surface of them must be kept clean and dry. The products should be placed at a dry and well ventilated space in order. Do not stack the flanges or put them in the open air. 


2.Before installing flanges, workers must check standards of each SS flanges to make sure that the sizes are suitable. Cleaning work is also needed to eliminate dirt on the flanges. 


3.During installation, it should be noticed that stainless steel flanges can only be installed in horizontal way. That is because medias that pass through stainless steel flanges should flow from the bottom of longitudinal valve flaps to the top. Except this point, stainless steel flanges could be installed in any places of the pipelines so long as they are facilitating test. The last but not the least, installers must guarantee excellent sealing of the flanges to guard against leakage.  


4. The matched ball valves, globe valves and gate valves of SS flanges can only be full on and off. They are not allowed to be used for adjusting the amount of media that flow through them. That is done to prevent surface from being eroded by media and accelerating abrasion. 

Flanges are a very important part when installing pipelines. It is important to make sure the safety use of those products and routine maintenance as well. 


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