• Features of Carbon Steel Flanges

Features of Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon steel flange is used for pipeline connection. It is an important part and has its own performance advantages. Its quality requirement for use is rather high. Carbon steel flanges are characterized by long service life, corrosion resistance and good heat preservation performance, thus improving work efficiency and ensuring convenient use.

Specifically speaking, carbon steel flanges have the following features:

1. Good ultraviolet resistance and radiation resistance performance when in use, thus prolonging service life. The service life can reach up to 50 years, thus decreasing production cost.

2. Good corrosion resistance, strong acid resistance as well as anti-corrosion property and no electrochemical corrosion of flange surfaces, contributing to good use performance.

3. Good heat preservation performance, impact resistance and low thermal conductivity.

4. High compressive strength and good rigidity, contributing to durability.
Features of Carbon Steel Flanges


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