• How to Reduce the Carbon Steel Flange Wear

How to Reduce the Carbon Steel Flange Wear

Before people learn to how to reduce the abrasion of slip-on flange, they should first understand what causes the abrasion of slip-on flange. Pipe fittings rotating in the machine barrel, the friction between the material and pipe fittings and machine barrel makes the working surface of pipe fittings and machine barrel gradually wear: the diameter of the pipe is gradually reduced, while the diameter of the inner hole of the machine barrel is gradually increased. Therefore, with the gradual abrasion between the pipe fittings and machine barrel, the diameter gap is growing. This kind of phenomenon leads to the residence time of material in the machine barrel increase, which causes the material to decompose. If it is polyvinyl chloride, the decomposed hydrogen chloride gas strengthens the corrosion to the pipe fittings and machine barrel. If the materials contain fillers like calcium carbonate and glass fiber, which can help to speed up the abrasion of pipe fittings and machine barrel. Because the material is not uniformly plasticizing, or there exist metal foreign body mixed in the material, the tube rotating torque increases suddenly. The torque exceeds the ultimate strength of the pipe fittings so that the pipe wrench. Such non-conventional damage may affect the abrasion condition.

1. The wring pipe fittings should be based on the actual diameter of the machine barrel, and the outside diameter deviation of new pipe fittings should be based on the normal space with the wring pipe fittings.

2. After dealing with the threaded surface of worn pipe fittings, hot air spraying the wearproof tungsten carbide alloy, and then through the grinding process. 

3. Surfacing the wearproof tungsten carbide alloy on the threaded part of worn pipe fittings. According to the degree of wear of pipe fittings welded 1~2mm, and then grinding the pipe fittings. The wearproof tungsten carbide alloy is made up of C, Cr, Vi, Co, W and B, and strengthening the ability of wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the pipe fittings.

4. Repairing the bottom diameter of pipe fittings by electroplating hard chromium treatment, chromium is also wearproof and corrosion-resistant metal, but the hard chromium layer is relatively easy to fall off.


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