• Integral Flange

Integral Flange

Integral flange belongs to chemical Industry flange standard system, also known as HG flange. Integral flange is also called long neck flange. Its materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. In the various domestic standards, we often use IF to express integral flange. Integral flange are mainly used for pipeline with relatively high pressure, and it was made by casting.
Integral flange are used for connecting two pipes at the pipe ends. The holes and bolts are used to connect the two flanges with a gasket.
The integral flange is used in high-pressure pipeline, it is usually RF type. We can choose MFM and TG instead of RF under flammable, explosive, height and extreme hazards working conditions.
Integral Flange Standards:
Casting steel integral flange (PN = 1.6 ~ 25.0MPa) DIN 2543, DIN2544, DIN2545, DIN2546, DIN2547, DIN2548, DIN2549-1997
HG20596-1997 (European system) integral flange, and GB / T9113.1 (.2 .3) standard, the two standards are domestic standards.


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