• Introduction and Features of Flanged Butterfly Valves

Introduction and Features of Flanged Butterfly Valves

The connection types of butterfly valves can be divided into three kinds: flanged connection, wafer connection and welded connection, which users can select based on specific pipeline requirements. The followings are introduction and features of butterfly valves with flanged connection, namely flanged butterfly valves.

The structure principle of flanged butterfly valves is particularly suitable for large-caliber butterfly valves. Butterfly valves can be not only applied in general engineering like oil industry, gas industry, chemical industry and water treatment industry, but also applied in cooling water system of thermal power station. Flanged butterfly valves are categorized into hard sealing flanged butterfly valves and soft sealing flanged butterfly valves -- the former is usually used for pipelines with no high pressure and temperature while the later is on the contrary for its high pressure and temperature resistance and often used for large caliber butterfly valves.

Flanged butterfly valves are characterized by:
1. Exquisite and lightweight, easy to dismantle and repair and available for installing anywhere.
2. Simple and compact structure, small operating torque and 90°turning to open quickly.
3. Flow characteristic tending towards straight line and good adjustment performance.
4. Pin structure not needed for the connection of butterfly plate and valve rod so as to avoid possible leakage points.
5. Outer sides of butterfly plate are sphere-shaped, improving sealing performance and also prolonging service life of valves to ensure no leakage even after 50,000 times’ opening and closing under pressure.
6. Replaceable sealing parts, supporting bidirectional sealing with high sealing reliability.
7. Spraying and coating of butterfly plate selectable based on users’ requirements, such as nylon or PTFE spraying or coating.
8. Optional manual, power or air operated drive modes.
Introduction and Features of Flanged Butterfly Valves - Landee Flange


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