• Japan to Build A Floating Power Generation Plant

Japan to Build A Floating Power Generation Plant

At present, the biggest problem that Japan being faced with is to find a place staying away from earthquakes and tsunamis. The place is expected to be on the sea, with 30 miles away from the coastline. 
SEVAN MARINE is a constructor of offshore oil drilling ships. It suggests to build a new gas power plant in the offshore of Japan. The plant is estimated to coast 1.5 billion USD (equivalent to 9.2 billion RMB). The power plant will float on the surface of a cylindrical platform. The plant will cover an area larger than a football field. 
This is also one of the several new and creative power generating projects that have been operated by Japan since the breakout of Fukushima accident in 2011. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster raised high attention of the public. The populace pondered over power generating problems after that disaster. What methods should Japan adopts to generate power? Where should the plant settled at? 
A few days ago, Japan has planed to install a floating wind turbine on the sea. The turbine is supposed to be the biggest floating wind turbine in the world. 
Toshimitsu Moteg, a member of Japanese Liberal Democratic Party said, "We are now devoting ourselves to the development of offshore floating wind power equipment. We need to promote the diversified development and research of technologies for the sake of floating power generation plants. "
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