• Jiayu Discharge Pipelines Make A Detour

Jiayu Discharge Pipelines Make A Detour

Jiayu county is located in the southeast of Hubei Province. It is covered with large scale of lakes and rivers. Thus, Water treatment in this area is very important. However, discharge pipelines of a sewage treatment plant catch the attention of citizens recently. 
As a general rule, pipelines go in a straight way to save both labor and cost. It is curious that these discharge pipelines make a detour for 10 kilometers. 
It is known that this sewage treatment plant belongs to Fanhu Industrial Park. This industrial park gets involved in the manufacture of coating materials, food, daily chemical, high-tech products. With nearly 70 enterprises, this industrial park covers an area of 10 square kilometers. Some factories within the park has started operation. In July of this year, however, this park was ordered to suspend production due to unqualified environmental protection. It was required to build a sewage treatment plant firstly before recovering operation. 
A sewage treatment plant is now under construction. The plant is expected to deal with 5,000 tons of waste water per day. By now, the fundamental engineering has been finished. The plant can be put into operation once the laying of discharge pipelines were completed.
Nonetheless, the pipes go by a roundabout route which makes the length of it increase to 10 kilometers. Villagers there fear that crops would be harmed if leakage issues happened. 
A man in charge stated that, “An area over the straight route is not administrated by Jiayu county. And the communication work turned out to be fail. That is why pipes do not go straight. ”
Concerning the worries of villagers, the spokesman said that county government would supervise the construction to make sure the quality of this project. Panwan town, where the industrial park seated, also promise corresponding economic compensation if there is any damage made to crops due to leakage incidents. 
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