• Large Anchor Flanges Used in Gas Transmission Pipelines

Large Anchor Flanges Used in Gas Transmission Pipelines

Anchor flange is an integral flange combining two flanges connected by bolts with no need of sealing gasket. Anchor flanges are connected to gas transmission pipelines with welding method, which is fastened by the connection of anchor flanges and anchor piles, thus making anchor flanges applicable to fixed pipelines and also applicable to the pipeline systems like East-West Gas Pipeline Project and fixed connection of many pipeline stations and valve chambers.
Anchor flanges are large-caliber key components with high internal pressure in long-distance gas or oil transmission pipeline systems. They use improved CF62 steels as raw materials and provide various applicable and advanced forming and manufacturing solutions. They are produced in batches with rotary forging counterboring technology to meet urgent needs of major projects.
Anchor flanges are pipe fittings used in long-distance gas or oil transmission projects. They are welded on main gas or oil transmission pipelines, fastened by cement blocks and buried or partially buried under the ground. Thus, large changes of pipeline position can be prevented from self weight, internal pressure, temperature difference, pipeline route, positional change and the like or due to the uneven earth pressure and water pressure under the ground and wind, snow or earthquake related natural forces.
Anchor flanges have large caliber (φ200-φ1200mm) with high internal pressure (6-12MPa) and are widely used in long-distance pipelines passing through crowed areas such as cities, villages, schools, hospitals and the like in more than ten provinces, thus requiring high working reliability against harsh environmental conditions like poor geological conditions, complex and changeable air temperature, corrosion, vibration and so on.
Large Anchor Flanges Used In Gas Transmission Pipelines - Landee Flange


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