• Longquan to Start Biomass Power Generation

Longquan to Start Biomass Power Generation

Recently, Zhejiang Longquan Biomass Power Generation Company successfully finished the pipeline flushing work of boilers. The routine quality supervision and inspection work before operation was completed at the same time. Thus, a solid foundation was founded for whole set startup and smooth operation work of the first unit. 
It is known that this project started from March 2013. With 280 acres of area, the project is planed to contain two 75T/H direct fired high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boilers(CFB boilers) and two 15MW straight condensing turbine-generator sets. It is designed to work 6000 hours per year and provide 0.18 billion kilowatts of green energy. The total investment of this project reaches up to 336, 980 thousand RMB. 
The main fuels of biomass power generation are sawdusts, bamboo dusts and waste mushroom stems. There are also other forestry and agricultural residues used as auxiliary fuels. When converted to standard coal, the yearly consumption of biomass fuels equals to 64.7 thousand tons of coal. Moreover, both waste plant ashes and steam can be recycled. This project is environment friendly. It can not only improve local ecotope, but also promote development of agricultural circular economy. 
Ignition flushing work is the biggest debug-item of the No.1 unit before startup. It requires high technology for involving many aspects. Experts thought that construction, installment and system debugging work have been basically fulfilled. Quality of No.1 unit is under control and the preparation work meets the demands for startup. Everything is OK. Therefore, the unit is expected to generate power on 15th August, 2014. 
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