• Manufacturing Process of Reducing Flange Mold

Manufacturing Process of Reducing Flange Mold

The manufacturing process of reducing flange is: clamping, feeding, plasticizing, injection molding, opening mold, outing the products and so on. All these molding operations are finished by injection molding machine automatically so that to achieve the fully automated reducer injection molding technology and process control. However, we should also pay attention to the shortcomings of injection molding, such as the high cost of injection molding machines and injection molds, large initial investment of the molding equipments. Therefore, it is not suitable for small quantity production to go with injection molding technique. 
For the use of reducing flange mold, it requires high efficiency, automation and easy to operate; and from the perspective of mold manufacturing, reasonable structure, low cost and simple to manufacture are needed. Three are three necessary conditions for the successful injection molding of reducing flange fittings: first, plastic parts must enter into the cavity in a molten state; second, plastic melt must have sufficient pressure and flow rate so as to timely fill the entire cavity of each corner; third, the mold must be compliant with the manufacturing shape and size and meets the requirements of the forming process.
The development of plastic molding machinery of reducing flange is very fast. Automatic and precise mold with high efficiency, large or micro scale and long service life will has a bigger proportion in the mold industry. In China, this kind of mold has climbed to a new level and many kinds of molds have been able to replace the imported molds. Mold CAD / CAM technology has got relatively faster application and good results. Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology and equipment have also made considerable progress and entered the practical promotion stage.
Manufacturing Process of Reducing Flange Mold


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