• New Insulating Flanges Applied Widely

New Insulating Flanges Applied Widely

With reform and opening-up policy, our economic market develop has developed sustainably and steadily. During this process, the pipeline fuel gas industry has gained increasingly popularity in city construction year by year. Construction and protection concerning gas pipeline engineering is becoming more and more important, while the insulating flanges used in it also obtain extended market. It is significant to find a kind of insulating flanges that boast of superb insulating property and low cost. Here in this article, I will introduce a kind of new insulting flanges of new structure, low cost and convenient operation.

1. Structure and features of outdated insulting flanges.

The I-type insulated flanges composed of insulating flange spacer, bush and bolt spacer. Insulated flange spacer is made from oil-resistant rubber asbestos sheet, neoprene rubber sheet, neoprene rubber sheet, Teflon, etc. Insulated bolt sleeve and spacer are mainly made from high strength phenolic aldehyde laminated sheets and pipes. This kind of flanges has great rigidity and insulation. However, the installation of them requires professional workers in specified places, and the cost is high.

2. Development of new insulated flanges.

On the base of old fashioned flanges, changes are made to make flanges more suitable for different purposes. In city gas transmission and distribution project, the project pressure should be lower than 2.5MPa while the pipe network should be less than 0.4MPa. At the present, several changes are made to meet the above mentioned requirements. Weld neck flanges are replaced with steel plate flanges. The insulation sleeve that used to fasten bolt will be combined with insulation spacer so that unitary high strength insulation spacer will be available. Extend the bolt holes of WN flanges to make it suitable for spacers. The combination of these parts will turn out to be insulated steel flanges with special function. It could be installed individually, or work together with valves. This method can save both project cost and field installation place.

3. Principle and performance of insulation. 

The operating principle of insulated flanges is that cutting off power at the both ends of flanges through the insulating spacers and pads. This kind of flanges could be used in building valves that belong to cathodic protected transmission and transportation net, as well as underearth pipe valve pits that required potential insulation.

4. Strong applicability.

This kind of flanges also applies to station yard and long-distance pipeline with over 2.5MPa in oil and gas field. The only thing you need to do is changing flanges to the required grades.


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