• Pipeline Connection of Lap Joint Flanges

Pipeline Connection of Lap Joint Flanges

1. The connection of stainless steel pipelines and lap joint flanges is suitable for connection of pipes with equal or different diameters. Such connection is detachable connection.
2. Pipeline connection of lap joint flanges is carried out in the following order:
(1) Before installation, sundries inside and outside stainless steel pipelines should be cleaned up.
(2) Two grooved flanges are installed on ends of two pipelines respectively.
(3) Ends of two pipes are treated by 90 degree angled flanging process. The ends after flanging process should be polished so as to ensure flat surface, no concave and convex as well as no burr and deformation. Besides, pipe ends should be fully rounded by special tools.
(4) Finished flanging short pipes can be also used in pipelines.
(5) Stainless steel gasket ring, with O-ring rubber sealing ring installed at both sides, is embedded in grooved flanges. Stainless steel gasket ring has the same internal diameter as pipelines, forming concentric circle.
(6) Flanges should be fastened symmetrically and tightly by bolts through flange holes.
(7) During bolt-tightened process, push both flanging surfaces of two pipelines and uniformly compress O-ring rubber sealing rings at both sides to ensure rigid contact and flexible sealing at the joint.
3. O-ring rubber sealing ring uses EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) as materials. Its shore hardness can reach 65 to 75 degrees.
4. Circular groove area of both sides of stainless steel gasket ring is relatively larger than cross-sectional area of O-ring sealing ring. Groove depth is 0.7 to 0.75 times the diameter of sealing ring. O-ring rubber sealing ring is fully compressed into circular groove of gasket ring due to compression of both sides. Even if cold shrinkage and thermal expansion occur in pipeline due to temperature change, static sealing, with ±2.2 degree static bending deformation, can be ensured.
Pipeline Connection of Lap Joint Flanges


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