• Qinghai to Reinforce Underground Pipeline System

Qinghai to Reinforce Underground Pipeline System

Qinghai will reinforce its management and construction of underground pipeline system. Qinghai is working hard to complete a relatively comprehensive urban underground pipeline system in the next ten years or more. 
By the end of 2015, cities and counties of Qianghai are required to finish general investigations concerning pipelines of underground water, gas, heat, oil, communication, power, radio and television, industry and so on. Qinghai will build comprehensive management system of underground pipelines and professional pipeline information system to assist in the completion of integrated underground pipeline planning. 
Qinghai is striving to transform the old network of urban underground pipelines in 5 to 7 years. It is planed to control the leakage rate within national standards and obviously decrease the rate of accident. 
For the water supply and drainage pipeline network that has been used for over than 50 years and faced with backward materials and serious leakage, it will be replaced with network that separating rain and sewage. As to the underground pipelines of heat, gas, power, communication and others that have potential perils, work of maintaining, replacement and upgrading are necessary. Qinghai will employ special reform projects to the cable channels that have great risks of collapsing, fire disaster and flood. It will try to shift these overhead networks to underground network. 
With 10 years’ endeavor, Qinghai is planed to complete relatively perfect underground pipeline system that can adapt to the economic and social development. Its emergency response and recovery capability will be greatly upgraded. 
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