• Regionalism, the Biggest Obstacle to the Development of Flanges

Regionalism, the Biggest Obstacle to the Development of Flanges

China is a world power with the land area ranked third in the world. Geographical differences also bring different cultures, and because of this, the use of flanges is also very different, especially in the northeast, north, northwest and south China. This forces the flange manufacturer to manufacture differentiated flanges according to different regions in the production of flanges, which undoubtedly increases the burden on enterprises.
However, from China's market surveys, it can be seen that most of China's general type flanges are unqualified, which greatly restrictes the development of the general type flanges, and amplifies the constraints of regionalism in the development of flanges. The insiders believe that the high fraction defective of China's general type flanges lies in the technical backwardness of the production enterprises, the lag of the technical standard implementation, poor evaluation rules, market environment deterioration, etc.
From the overseas market, at present, some flange products of the world's leading brands have been developed to the general type flanges. It promptes the rise of some professional flange enterprises, and encourages some large enterprises to develop general type flanges through the establishment of subsidiaries. In the enterprises' production line, for the differences in the flange market, many companies have been constantly integrating their product lines, and developed marketable products so as to make their flange products universally used and have versatile series.
Flange industry should be based on the points of upgrading the industrial structure, energy saving, environmental protection, independent innovation, reform and opening up, people-oriented development, etc., and should speed up the establishment of independent innovative technology development system. Through the absorption and digestion of imported technology, independent research and development, especially after the "the 12th Five-Year Plan" period of carrying out ultra-supercritical thermal power flange localization research, China's thermal power flange manufacturing capacities as well as the quality of flanges have been greatly improved.
All in all, as an important factor restricting the development of China's flanges, if it is not broken through, regionalism will cause huge losses for the China's flange industry.



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