• Several Key Points of Selecting Flange Gaskets

Several Key Points of Selecting Flange Gaskets

The selected flange gaskets should have the following important characteristics to ensure long-time effective sealing when applied in adverse conditions.

1. Gas tightness
Flange gaskets should have gas tightness property when used under recommended temperature and pressure.

2. Compressibility
Surface of the gasket should fit with surface of flanges to ensure sealing when they are bolted.

3. Creep resistance
Gaskets should have good creep resistance property against pressure and temperature influence so as to avoid poor sealing due to torque loss of bolts and decreased surface stress of gaskets.

4. Chemical corrosion resistance
The selected gaskets should have chemical corrosion resistance property but should not pollute other components.

5. Good resilience
Tiny displacement of two connected flanges is certain to occur due to temperature and pressure effects even if the whole system is under stable condition. Gaskets should have good resilience to offset the displacement to ensure good sealing of system.

6. Adhesion resistance
Gaskets should be easily dismantled from flanges and are free of adhesion.

7. Non-corrosiveness
Gaskets should have no corrosion to surface of connected flanges.

8. Temperature resistance
The selected gaskets should function normally even under the lowest temperature or the highest temperature of system.
Several Key Points of Selecting Flange Gaskets


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