• Sinopec Starts Intelligent Pipeline Construction

Sinopec Starts Intelligent Pipeline Construction

China onshore gas pipelines are as long as 120 thousand kilometers. However, there are 2.5 hidden dangers per 10 kilometers due to different reasons. This issue has always perplexed the related field for the recent years. 
In this troublesome pipeline regulation on hidden dangers, Sinopec has attracted lots of attentions for its large amount of pipelines. Nevertheless, Sinopec has always set a good example for others in the regulation projects. After two pipelines shutdown, which actively declared by Sinopec on 15 November, Sinopec announced again that it officially launched pilot work of intelligent pipeline construction project yesterday. This project will be rolled out fully from January 2015 within the scope of Sinopec. It is expected to be put into practice in May 2015. 
According to Sinopec, it will invest 28.1 billion RMB in pipeline regulation in 3 years. Intelligent pipelines are required to be intelligent, automatic, standard, digitized and visible. Thus, this project will benefit enterprises in related industries as well as those in metal and pipeline fields. 
It is known that Europe and America has started international top-notch enterprises’ pipeline construction since 1970s. Compared with this, Chinese intelligent management of pipelines remains in early phases of development. Therefore, the construction of intelligent pipeline project is a grave revolution for Chinese pipeline safety management. 
Sinopec stated that it has officially launched pilot work of intelligent pipeline construction in several branch companies including Pipeline Storage and Transportation Company, Sinopec Gas Branch Company, Yanshan Petrochemical Company and others. 
Sinopec declared yesterday that intelligent pipelines would also be equipped with warning functions on pipeline deficits and hidden dangers. People can also keep up with the status of pipelines through intelligent system. These features make it possible for us to control the effect and lose caused by accidents to the greatest extent. 
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