• Some Knowledge Points of Slip On Flanges

Some Knowledge Points of Slip On Flanges

Slip on flanges are the most common flanges in China and they can be classified into three types according to the sealing surface: flat faced slip on flanges, concave convex surface slip on flanges and mortise grooved slip on flanges. And the first type, with the largest application, is often used in mild medium conditions such as low-pressure non purify compressed air and low pressure circulating water.
Slip on flanges are disk-shaped components which often used in the pipeline project in pairs to connect pipes. When the pressure is over four kilograms, we can use slip on flanges. Flanges with different pressure will have different thickness, so we have to use different bolts accordingly.

Advantages: slip on flanges with light weight can not only saves space, but also have good sealing performance, thus there will not be leakage problems at the joints.
Disadvantages: can’t completely eliminate leakage problems because of the design. Dynamic joint. Things like thermal expansion, changeably cyclic loading will cause the movement of flange surfaces, affecting the function and integrity of flanges and finally cause leakage problem. 
Some Knowledge Points of Slip On Flanges


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