• Three Gorges Generate Power at Full Capacity

Three Gorges Generate Power at Full Capacity

With increasing inflows of Three Gorges during the flood season of Yangtze river, units of Three Gorge Station also produce growing quantity of power. According to China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd., the total power produced by Three Gorge Units reached 22,500 thousand kilowatts recently. It is the first time in 2014 that Three Gorge Station has generated electricity at full capacity. 
In recent days, influenced by rainfall districts like upstream of Yangtze river, Wujiang river and location of Three Gorges, inflows of Three Gorges rose rapidly. At the same time, generating head of Three Gorges is also increased by a wide margin and reached the expected degree. Thus, the station realizes generating power at full capacity. 

In order to make sure the safety and stability of operation, Yangtze Power insists in correct adjustment, precise operation and careful maintenance. What’s more, it also makes assessment on the status of equipment on the basis of online supervision and diagnostic techniques. 
Yangtze Power stated that, it will continually pay attention to the following situation of rainfall in the drainage basin of Yangtze river. It will deliver the most correct weather forecast. It will also carefully schedule units there to make sure effective control and utilization of flood. Therefore, the comprehensive efficiency of cascade hub can be exerted to the biggest extent and provide excellent safeguard for the late rebound of Three Gorges reservoir. 

It is known that totally 32 generator sets, each with 70 kilowatts, and 2 power supply sets, each with 5 kilowatts, installed in Three Gorges. The total generating capacity is 22,500 kilowatts. This is the biggest water control project in the world. 
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