• Wuxi Safety Supervision Dragnet Focuses on Potential Risks

Wuxi Safety Supervision Dragnet Focuses on Potential Risks

On 3rd August, Wuxi Security Council and relevant departments started a safety supervision dragnet. This activity will last for over one month in order to eliminate any potential safety hazard in production. 
This time, the supervision is done without notification, escorts or reports. The supervision group will go straightly to grassroots and job sites. 
Peline explosion accident in Qingdao on 22th November, 2013, crude oil pipeline leak and burning accident in Dalian on 30th June, 2014, and gas explosion accident in Kaohsiung on 1st August, 2014 draw increasing attention of the public to security problems of underground oil and gas pipelines
On August 16, an engineering site of natural gas transmission pipelines on the foot of Jiao Mountain in Anzhen Town was founded to be covered with walls and plants. It is known that these pipelines were buried underground in 2004 with a depth of two meters. The plants above them were founded in 2007. However, this kind of action is forbidden according to the Law on the Protection of Oil and Gas Pipelines which was issued in 2010. It is stipulated that no buildings or structures with 5 meters scales along the both sides of pipeline routes. The supervision group demanded the natural gas company to communicate with the plants and local governments as soon as possible and dismantle the illegal buildings. 
Oil has volatility feature which makes the leaks of it harmful for both human and environment. The realization of safety production needs the enterprises to sense the main responsibilities lie on them. It is founded that, many local governments, related departments and habitants known nothing about the relevant safety precautious due to insufficient propaganda. Wu Weijun the deputy administrator of Wuxi Work Safety Department said frankly that many oil and gas pipelines damage accidents in the past resulted from lacking in related information.
Besides, the enterprises should also focus on the emergency drills of safety production. It is better to do the drills together with local governments and related departments. It is far from enough to maximize losses of personnel and property by enterprises alone once incidents happened. 
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