• Xinjiang Oilfield Invents Flange Joint Locators

Xinjiang Oilfield Invents Flange Joint Locators

According to messages from Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Honghu Quality Control group is awarded with National Excellent QC Achievement Prize for its development of flange joint locators in July, 2014 (Honghu in Chinese refers to persons or groups who are ambitious and vigorous). This good news was released at Results Conference of Excellent QC Achievements in Oil Industry. 
Honghu QC group belongs to the No.1 gas production factory of Xinjiang Oilfield. It is known that this achievement stood out of over 1000 achievements with overwhelming superiority in 2013 Xinjiang Field. It won three first prizes of QC achievements respectively issued by No.1 gas production factory, Xinjiang Oilfield and oil industry one after another. 
Honghu QC group consists of technical specialists, site technicians and technologists. All members are highly educated and equipped with high titles. They have rich site work experience and strong operational ability.
Development of flange joint locators successfully solve problems like long period of flange joint, difficulties of work and potential accidents that take place when checking up and maintaining the devices. Application of this achievement can not only reduce time spent on flange joint operation, but also increase security degree of this operation. In previous work, people use tools like crow bars during the operation. However, this may lead to slip. Flange joint locators can eliminate these potential safe hazard and ensure great safety as well as adequate time for maintaining and transformation of devices in gas fields. This achievement has promising popularization and application prospect. 
Xinjiang Oilfield Invents Flange Joint Locators - Landee Flange


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