• Ziyang Fire Force Held A Drill on Leakage Accidents

Ziyang Fire Force Held A Drill on Leakage Accidents

In order to better handle the major disaster accidents, special service firemen from Ziyang, Sichuan Province carried out a practical drill concerning petroleum and other dangerous chemicals leak accidents. The drill was held at an oil depot in their jurisdiction on 30th July, 2014. 
This drill can examine operation capabilities of officers and soldiers when facing with leak and burning accidents of dangerous chemical on one side, and make firemen grasp fire-control rescue and procedures in a better way on the other side. It can comprehensively improve self-rescue and defense capacity of the petrochemical organizations as well as rescue capacity of fire forces under the circumstance of unexpected emergencies. 
In the drill, a flange gasket installed on a inlet valve on the top of a liquid storage tank was  impaled. Thus, petroleum leakage happened. 
As soon as the incident was detected, security department of the oil depot started contingency plans immediately. Staff there rushed to the site and dealt the incident with post fire hydrants and existing fire extinguishers. At the same time, they called 119 command center which dispatched four fire fighting trucks and firemen to the scene. 
A reconnaissance group, a leak stoppage task force and a high-spraying fire engines formation were formed. All of them get involved in the secure activities right away. Lin Cong, the squadron commander, ordered the reconnaissance group to detect the leakage location and find out specific position, leakage gas and trapped persons. The reconnaissance group took charge of plugging. The  high-spraying fire engines formation was required to cooling down and dilute the leakage part with wheeled artilleries and mobile water cannons. 25 minutes later, the tank was successfully plugged. After that, dilution activity was stilled conducted until no more dangers hided. 
This kind of drill is useful and necessary. It can make both staff of oil spots and firemen improve their rescue capability. 
Ziyang Fire Force Held A Drill on Leakage Accidents - Landee Flange


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