• China Nuclear Power Supervision To Be More Transparent

China Nuclear Power Supervision To Be More Transparent

Zhao Yongkang responded to the public’s concern on nuclear safety on 7th August, 2014. He is the deputy director of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department, which belonging to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. He said that China’s supervision on the safety of nuclear power will be more open and transparent. 
Zhao Yongkang stated that all environmental impact assessment reports(EIA reports) and safety analysis reports (SARs) of China nuclear power plants will be public from this year. “There’s nothing needs to be concealed on nuclear safety supervision.”
China at present are facing rigorous ecological stress and bottle-neck of energy supply. Thus, it confirmed to apply the highest international safety standards, speeding up construction of nuclear power projects in east coastal areas on the basis of ensuring safety. With increasing attentions on health and environmental protection, it has become an important subject for government supervision departements and nuclear power enterprises to establish more transparent information disclosure and communication system. 
Zhan Yongkang disclosed that China has started nationwide radiation environmental monitoring network since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The net workers are striving to update data in every hour. 
It is introduced that China National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) carries out comprehensive supervision on the nuclear power plants throughout the whole process. Different stages are examined respectively and the license won’t be issued until they are approved overall. So far, six supervision stations have been founded all over the nation. These stations focus on daily, routine and non-routine supervision concerning the quality of plant construction and facilities, personal qualifications, operation security and on so. 
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