• China Western Cowboy City Builds Sewage Treatment Plants

China Western Cowboy City Builds Sewage Treatment Plants

The opening ceremony of first-phase sewage treatment project in the Western Cowboy City was held on 20 September. The Western Cowboy city was located at Qianfeng district of Guang’an in Szechwan Province. Liu Jiaguo the deputy head of Qianfeng District, Tan Huchuan the superior vice-president and engineering director of United Envirotech Ltd, the project manager Liu Jiquan, the plant directory Xia Tianhong, chairman Zhangfei and CEO Yong Tao from Guangdong Yide Group all attended the ceremony. 
It is known that the STP project (short for sewage treatment plant project) in Western Cowboy city is divided into two phases. The first phase of construction will use an area of 38.2 mu, with 1,200 million RMB investment. The plant built in this phase will be put into operation in April 2015. The daily sewage treatment capacity during trial and first-year operation period is expected to be 20 thousand tons, with 10 thousand tons of household waste water and 10 thousand tons of industrial waste water. It is estimated that the second phase of construction will be placed in service in 2017, dealing with daily 50 thousand tons of waste water from industry and household respectively. 
Tan Huchuan said that, we accept the supervision of Qianfeng District government. The water after treatment will meet the national A-level sewage discharge standard. 
Zhang Fei stated that,“The construction of STP project is supported by 35 shareholders in Western Cowboy city. We try our best to stop pollution from entering our hometown. At the same time, the project eliminates the bane of industrial development. It also brings dawn to printing and dyeing industry, as well as washing water industry. It accelerates formation of industry chain in Western Cowboy Industrial Zone and balanced growth of local economy.”
Liu Jiaguo introduced that the sewage treatment plants are environmental facilities. It is a municipal infrastructure investment project that built with B00 mold. “Sewage treatment plants in Western Cowboy Industrial Zone will utilize advanced membrane technology after construction to deal with production and living sewage. The project can effectively solve the sewage treatment and water source issues at Qianfeng district, Guang’an.”
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