• Hainan Promotes Sewage Treatment Projects

Hainan Promotes Sewage Treatment Projects

In order to finish main pollution emission and reduction task made by the 12th Five-Year-Plan, Hainan province accelerates construction of sewage treatment projects in seven cities and towns. It is expected to finish by the end of 2014. 
It is known that, these seven sewage treatment projects are Qizi Bay sewage treatment plant in Changjiang, Qinglan sewage treatment plant in Wenchang, South Li Lake sewage treatment plant in Dingan, Guan Pond and Boao sewage treatment plants in Qionghai, Xinying sewage treatment plant in Lingao, Jinjiang sewage treatment plant in Chengmai. 
Up to now, Qishui Bay sewage treatment plant had been completed. The plant totally costed 59060 thousand RMB and can handle 10 thousand tons of sewage per day. Changjiang Chengtou Company are now preparing for commissioning operations. 115800 thousand RMB has been spent in construction of Qinglan sewage treatment plant, accounting for 75% of total investment. The plant district has been equipped with facilities. The project is planned to completed at the end of July. Pipeline network of this plant has been laid and covered an area of 5.3 kilometers. It can be completed before September.

South Li Lake and Guan Pond has completed 26% and 60% of their total investment respectively. Other three plants are still working on pre-project tasks. 
On base of the 12th Five-Year-Plan, Hainan will totally build eleven sewage treatment plants. 4 plants have been founded from 2011 to 2013. Until now, 30 plants have been put into operation. Treatment rate of sewage has reached 76%. 
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