• How to Prolong the Service Life of Large Flange

How to Prolong the Service Life of Large Flange

There are many factors for the service life of large flange. Due to the high viscosity of the flange material and poor chip breaking performance, it is easy to have problems in the tapping process, affecting its processing efficiency and thread quality. Such as: chip scratches workpiece thread or tap chipping, etc. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of tap, we should improve the quality of thread processing.
On the steckel mill, there will be an obvious change about the thermo-mechanical history of large flange’s entire length. Especially in the production of micro large flange, it will strongly influence the recrystallization degree which is generated on the finishing mill and cause dramatic changes of the ultimate microstructure and function of its entire length. So, be sure to keep the original geometry when grinding and it is best to use tap cutting grinding machine.
Choose good tap material. Adding special alloying elements in ordinary high-speed tool steel can significantly improve the wear resistance and toughness of the tap. Choose tool heat treatment methods rationally and increase the tap rake angle appropriately. What's more, coating a layer of titanium nitride on tap thread can significantly improve wear resistance, heat resistance and lubricity of the tap.

How to Prolong the Service Life of Large Flange


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