• Measurement Methods of Carbon Steel Flanges

Measurement Methods of Carbon Steel Flanges

With the rapid development of long-distance pipeline construction at home and abroad, pipeline pressure test has become indispensable and important. Before and after the pressure test, cleaning must be done on each pipelines, usually the number is 4 to 5 times. Especially after the pressure test, it will become difficult to clean out the water in the pipeline, so the cleaning number should be increased. Using repeated welding head method may have these following problems: first, it will increase the labor intensity; second, large material consumption and high cost.
Before measuring, there should have some preparatory works. Measurement methods of carbon steel flanges should be determined on specific circumstances so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
Here are some measurement methods of carbon steel flanges: 
1. When measuring, two people should do the measure work while another person proofread and fill in a form. You can use a vernier caliper to do the measurement, or use outside calipers and steel ruler instead. Measurement is a painstaking work, therefore, measurement and recording must be completely correct and it is not allowed to have any mistakes when filling the form.
2. During installation, carbon steel flanges with different outside diameters may need different thickness gaskets, so the processed-out-fixture shall correspond to the carbon steel flanges. Therefore, measuring the size and number of each part is a key to fixture process and installation.

Measurement Methods of Carbon Steel Flanges


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