• Notes for Production of Stainless Steel Flanges

Notes for Production of Stainless Steel Flanges

The universal application of stainless steel flanges results in short supply of these products. It may be a good news for manufacturers. Nevertheless, quality can never be ignored. Manufacturers should pay special attentions to the following issues so that stainless steel flanges can play their roles effectively. 

First. Keeping away from substances that may easily etch stainless steels. 

For stainless steels, the most important thing is to keep the surface clean. Surface of these steels will be changed permanently once corroded by something else. Therefore, things that may etch stainless steels should be kept away from production. 

Second. Selecting good flange gaskets. 

Flanges make significant contributions to pipeline connection. However, gaskets are necessary during this process. The best assistants for stainless steel flanges are asbestos gaskets. Asbestos is resistant to acidic materials. It can also absorb both gases and liquids. Thus, asbestos gaskets can perfectly protect stainless steel flanges from corrosive matter. Of course, other kinds of gaskets may be employed in some special conditions. In this case, we should choose gaskets that are complementary to stainless steel flanges. 

Third. Connection methods should be considered during production. 

There are different methods when connecting pipelines. Thin tubes can be connected directly with threaded flanges. Tubes that have to suffer from great pressures need to be connected through welded methods. No matter how small pressures tubes are suffering from, it is better to connect them through welding methods when using stainless steel flanges. It is convenient to some extent. 
The diameter sizes and wall thicknesses of flanges are decided on base of pressures that bore by pipelines. As a general rule, the thicknesses of flanges increased together with pressures. 
Notes for Production of Stainless Steel Flanges - Landee Flange


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