• Suncor Energy Further Expands Business in China

Suncor Energy Further Expands Business in China

Suncor Energy founded a branch company in Guangzhou on 9 October, 2014. This is the second step of this energy giant to seizing Chinese market after founding China headquarter in Shanghai on 9 September, 2013. Canadian Suncor Energy Petroleum Company is one of the energy giants in North America. It is also one of lubricant manufacturers that produce products with the highest purity in the line. 
Suncor Energy is the biggest petroleum and gas company in Canada. As a fortune 500 company, Suncor gets involved in industries like oil exploration, refining, fuel and lubrication. Lubricants of Suncor Energy are produced with the patent HT purification technology. The purity of the base oils reach 99.9% and become one of the base oils with the highest purity. These oils can adequately improve the production capacity of their customers to save more costs. Therefore, the products enjoy high reputations of being superior and lasting. 
During the process of Chinese economic mode transformation, demands from the government, society and enterprises on energy conservation and emission reduction are rocketing. The high quality of lubricants not only brings high added value, but also makes significant contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction. This also embodies the social responsibility and environmental responsibility fo Canadian Suncor Energy Petroleum Company. 
The branch company of Canadian Suncor Energy Petroleum Company will response for business in the southern and southwestern China. It can bring more suitable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly lubricants for the local markets. At the same time, it will also offer professional technologies and training concerning properties of lubricants for customers. 
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