• Taiyuan Seeks After Green GDP

Taiyuan Seeks After Green GDP

By now, Taiyuan has closed up to 250 enterprises that seriously polluted environment. The city is going through nirvana-like changes in the process of comprehensively improving environment.

First, head for green GDP.

The coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, coking and construction material industries are six pillar fields of Taiyuan. Before 2012, the added value of these industries has always accounted for almost 80% of that of the all city. This fact shows a great imbalance of the industrial structure. It is urgent to promote green gross domestic product.
Getuliaogou, located in the West Mountain region of Taiyuan, was so horrible with stinky rubbish and waste water here and there that local citizens called it Black Passage in the past. However, the zone has been completely changed after 3 years. Viewing from the top of Yuquan Mountain, Sakura and other plants grow everywhere with many visitors wandering in the region.
As an old industrial city, Taiyuan is recovering from the plight of haunting industries.

Second, GDP is not the most critical aspect.

In 2014 and the following several years, Taiyuan will be staying in the crucial period of stepping into comprehensive and affluent society, as well as the period of preventing environment from deteriorating. It is time to entirely improve environment.
The growth rapid of GDP is an important sign for estimating a city’s economic development level. However, it is no more an index that pushes Taiyuan all the time. In 2014, Taiyuan set its GDP growth target at about 9%, which is lower than 2013.
This is the second time that Taiyuan lowers its GDP growth on its own. It aims at going further with stepping back. 

Third, focus on the environment-friendly industries. 

In 2013, emerging industries in Taiyuan take up more than half of the all lines of it. As an old industrial city, Taiyuan must develop fields with information, high-tech and new materials to realize transformation development. 
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