• Two ways to solve the processing problems of stainless steel flanges

Two Ways to Solve the Processing Problems of Stainless Steel Flanges

There are some things we should pay attention to when it comes to the manufacturing of stainless steel flanges

1. Welding defect: stainless steel flange has a serious welding defect, if we use manual-mechanical way to make it up, there will be left with some trail and cause unevenness of the surface, which will affect the appearance.

2. Unevenness of polishing, burnishing, passivating: there will be an acid cleaning and passivation treatment for flanges after polishing and burnishing by hands. So it's difficult to make the surface even.

3. It's difficult to remove the trail: in the process of acid cleaning and passivation, the existing corrosive medium will cause chemical and electrochemical corrosion, which lead to rust. We can't remove the carbon steel and splash which are stick to the stainless steel flange surface because of scratching and welding spatter.

So how do we solve the processing problems of stainless steel flanges?
1. Choose blanking and then move to next process, different stainless steel workpiece should move to next manufacturing process based on its requirement.

2. In order to weld flanges firmly, we can make a bulged dot on the workpiece. To make the dot have an uniform contact with the slab before welding, so that we can make sure the consistency of different parts and the position where we need to weld. We need to set reloading time, dwell time, holding time, off time, in order to assure the firmly welding of the products.


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